About SLAE Cosmetics

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SLAÉ, is a range of cosmetics inspired by nature and apparently safe to use.

A make-up brand that caters to an active lifestyle and is perfect for working women!

‘The Make Up For Work’ is the philosophy of the SLAÉ brand that offers a range of cosmetics featuring charming colors that are suitable to highlight the personality of working women.

SLAÉ cosmetic range is formulated with natural ingredients making it safe, quick and easy to use.

SLAÉ offers a cosmetic collection for the face, lips and eyes that combines the goodness of natural ingredients through Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology that is capable of producing highly pigmented and long-lasting colors.

The SLAÉ cosmetic range has a Care4You formulation guarantee that is FREE from Parabens, Alcohol, Mineral Oil and Fragrance. Specially produced for those who need an easy, fast and charming application of cosmetics.



SLAÉ Cosmetics founder Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim, was formerly a lawyer, magistrate and Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Chambers. She became an e-commerce entrepreneur and has now ventured into the world of cosmetics as she has always loved beauty and presentation. Her experience in the distribution of local products via e-commerce and retail resulted in a desire to have her own cosmetics brand that can bring messages of positivity to women out there, especially to young urban women who may face many challenges in life.

“If a woman has confidence in her appearance and knowledge, then she can achieve whatever she aspires to be” – Datin Nik Sarina

About SLAE Cosmetics



About SLAE Cosmetics

VISION – Become a famous local cosmetics brand in Malaysia for working women.

About SLAE Cosmetics

MISSION – Build a community of SLAE users who are confident in each other’s abilities and help each other to expand their potential.