SLAE Cosmetics and HALAL Makeup

Hi there SLAE Babe (or soon-to-be SLAE Babe coz you’re So-Lit-And-Extra for being here). Do you struggle to find halal makeup that are still reliable and long lasting? Just so you know - SLAE Cosmetics takes the process of producing and providing clean and natural make-up very seriously. Our products are made in halal certified plants utilizing the Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology and CareForYou formulation to ensure clean, healthy and long-lasting makeup for all you gorgeous girls out there! SLAE products contain a...

SLAE Cosmetics Founder

SLAE Cosmetics and Me

Hi all you gorgeous people out there! I’m Nik Sarina, founder of SLAE Cosmetics and I’m so glad to connect with you here. This blog is all about makeup, colour cosmetics and women who kick-ass in every respect. So…. how many of us can honestly say we don’t need makeup? Isn’t it like saying we don’t need clothes? Makeup today, being a subset of cosmetics and provided it is made right - is food for your skin and I daresay food...